July & August Empties

July & August Empties

Redken All Soft Conditioner 

This is the liter size bottle and I absolutely love this conditioner. This has been my 4th repurchase. I love the way it smells and the way my hair feels hydrated after using this. Its meant for thick hair that dry. I wouldnt recommend this if you have fine hair just because it is heavy with
moisturizing agents so it will feel heavy on finer hair. I am holding off on repurchasing this just because I want to try the new Diamond Oil line they have which I have also heard lots of good things about!


Clear Damage And Color Repair Shampoo

This shampoo smells super good! I love the way the scent lingers in your hair! This is my 2nd repurchase and I really like it. I havent tried the conditioner to it yet. I usually dont buy drugstore conditioners because my hair is so dry I feel like I need a heavy duty conditioner. I dont think it really repairs anything but it smells nice and washes my hair nicely.


Dial Hello Kitty Body Wash

Smells like pink lemonade! I got this from a friend of mine, it was included in a gift set. Its just a basic body wash. Nothing special


10% Sulfer Acne Ointment

I got this for a terrible breakout I had a few months back. This stuff works well! It smells horrible but works! I will take stinky any day over big giant pimples. I will admit sometimes the smell is a bit overwhelming that I just want to wash it off. I highly recommemnd and will be repurchasing!


Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter

My most favorite scent from the line! It smells amazing and works well. I will be repurchasing


Covergirl Trublend in M4

Great foundation. One of my many favorites! I did a review on it HERE I will be repurchasing!


Loreal Truematch Concealer Crayon- W4-5

This is my 3rd repurchase. I think im going to explore more options. I did really like this product but it just goes to quickly. I found myself replacing it every month because I go through them to quick. Its perfect for highlighting and contouring. Its clean and easy to use. Not too great for the under eyes because it tends to tug a bit. I will probably repurchase the dark one because it has been the best concealer for contouring


ELF Lip Balm Spf 15 – Pink

My favorite lip balm! I have repurchased this 4 times! It has a nice pink tint and a minty tingle on my lips! Keeps my lips hydrated. I have been replacing my lipsticks with this balm and I am pretty happy w

ith it. Will be buying again!

Loreal True Match Concealer Crayon- N6-7-8

My favorite concealer to contour with! Easy to blend, clean, and makes contouring quick and painless. Will be repurchasing!


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse- Med 2.5

I love this for days I dont feel like doing a full face and just want a nice light coat of foundation. This is my 3rd repurchase so I can say this is a great drugstore foundation. I am currently taking a break from it and using my Loreal True Match for my “lazy days”.

LUS Eyelash Glue- Clear

The only eyelash glue I use for about a year now. Applicator makes applying the glue easy, quick and painless! I have a stockpile in my makeup dresser

ELF Liquid Eyeliner-Black 

This I have repurchased 4-5 times now. It lasts forever! The best $1 you’ll e

ver spend lol However sadly I think I have moved on. Im finishing my last few eyeliners left in my makeup drawer and wont be repurchasing unless I absolutely have no other choice. Its been a nice run but I like waterproof now so sadly Ive moved on


Mary Kay Retractable Eyeliner- Navy

Works great. Lasted a decent 6 hours without smudging. Easy and clean to use. This was a gift so I dont think ill be repurchasing this anytime soon. If possible I would love to try this in black





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Best Cupcakes In Huntington Beach!!

Best Cupcakes In Huntington Beach!!

I have a serious sweet tooth so that deep craving for sugar happens to me multiple times a day. I’m more of a candy lover because I havent found the perfect sweet bakery….until now! I have tried several cupcake and bakeries here in town and I had yet to find thee best cupcake. Every place I tried always looked so cute and inviting but the cupcakes were ALWAYS dry and just missing something. You know its bad if Albertson’s cupcakes taste better than a $4 cupcake! If only these places spent more time on the cupcakes instead of the decor… well then maybe they’d still be around or with better yelp reviews.

I stumbled across this bakery a few weeks ago. Im not usually on that part of town but I was on my way home with the boyfriend and just happened to drive by. I thought id stop in and try them out. First thing I noticed was the cute piggy in their logo and the name Bubba Sweets. Super cute! Next thing I noticed was a HUGE sign that said they were the winners of Cupcake Wars. Pretty cool right! So I went in and the place is adorable. Very cute inside and the cupcakes were displayed nicely. There were maybe 15 or so different types of cupcakes to try, each one decorated so nicely and creatively. I chose the “Willy Wonka” which was pretty much a chocolate overload! Chocolate frosting, chocolate chips sprinkled on, chocolate filling inside, everything just chocolate… My kind of cupcake!

It was super delicious! The cupcake was nice and soft (not dry and crumbling like other places) and just tasted super fresh. I was in cupcake heaven!I have this theory that the other reason the cupcakes are so soft and moist is due to the way theyre displayed and stored. Its trapping the heat inside keeping it fresh. I didnt take a photo because the times I have been in there theyre so busy their isnt a whole lot of room to move. Its very in and out kind of place. But none the less I was so happy I kid you not I went back the next day and the day after that each time bringing a new friend! Another cool thing is theyre reasonably priced (thank goodness) at $3.50 a piece. Very competitive to the area.


Luckily I dont live too close to the shop otherwise we’d have some serious problems! I am just so happy I found a delicious cupcake place to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings!

They are located at:

Bubba Sweets

16479 Bolsa Chica St
Hours: M-Th: 9-7pm F-Sat: 9-8pm Sun: 10-5pm



**This is not a sponsored post.

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Favorites Roundup!

Favorites Roundup!

Hello Beauties!

Here is my favorites roundup for the week. I thought id share my current favorites for the last couple weeks. This isnt an entire monthly favorites but it is half of it!

Dark Makeup Looks-

I have been really loving dark makeup this month. I have been wearing a dark wine lip stain with med tones for my eyes and big ol thick lashes. Its so fun! I really love this look. I use to be so afraid of a dark lip. Why? Not only was it change I was paranoid the lipstick was going to rub on my teeth! I have since rediscovered lip stains and I am so impressed  how far they have come. They use to (back in the day) be just terrible and such an ugly mess I did not want to deal with them. Luckily now makeup companies are catching are and revolutionizing lip stains into what they are today and boy am I impressed! The one I am wearing in this pic in by Nyx Lip Stain in Copenhagen

Red Bull – Blueberry

I cannot live without this stuff! I have been trying to cut back but its been super hard. I was having a redbull addiction problem way back when but now its worse with these new flavors they added. This blueberry flavor and sugar free have to be my absolute favorite caffeine. Its a little more expensive then the other ones on the market but its just so delicious and in my opinion works better in a smaller can. It does the job in half the size!


I am obsessed with boba! Its sooo good and I was craving it for weeks, I went out and bought myself a GIANT bag of uncooked boba so I can make it at home. I can no longer have a smoothie without adding extra boba. lol. Yummy!

Skinny Girl Instantly Smooth Line Filler-

I will have a review on this later but this stuff it now my HG skincare product! I use this as a primer and it keeps my face super matte for hours! My makeup will not budge. Its awesome stuff but I cant give all the pros and cons away just yet! Theres a review for that coming up!

Lip Balm-

No brand in particular. Mainly because I havent found one dear to me yet. I usually dislike lip balm and the way it smells but lately I find myself reaching for it alot more when im not doing a dark lip. Maybe because its been hot outside but I have been loving lip balms!!!


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Vinted App Sign Up Now And Get $15 FREE

Vinted App Sign Up Now And Get $15 FREE

Hi beauties,

I recently came across a really cool app similar to Poshmark. I registered no joke 10 mins ago and I just received a cool email saying that since I am a new member they are giving me a free $15 torwards any purchase! I was like “UMMM WHAT?!!! $15!!!” since there are some second hand and new things on there I thought I was going to literally not find anything I would like.. I mean come on what can $15 get me? Well boy was I surprised!

I found a brand new Victoria Secret Halter Top Bikini for $15 NO JOKE! Exactly $15! The $15 was applied as a discount at checkout so I only paid $2.96 for shipping. I am so excited I did run across some other VS bikinis both bottom and top for $20 so I bought them right away… um I am just overly excited right now I cant wait!

So heres what to do

1. Download the Vinted app

2. Register and use a valid email they send a verification code

3. Make your profile

4. I got the free $15 email 2 mins after signing up

5. Shop!

-If you go over $15 you pay the overage

-Discount can only be redeemed 1 time so no splitting it up



Happy shopping!

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Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup Details

Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup Details

Kim K’s big wedding day had everyone going wild. From what her dress was going to look like to where her wedding was actually going to be. I on the other hand was more interested in how her makeup was going to look and who was going to be doing it! I am thrilled she chose my ultimate makeup artist inspiration Mario Dedivanovic! He is quite the makeup artist working with other fabulous and glamorous stars!

I try to catch as much of his work on social media as much as possible. If you ever get the chance you can find some of his older videos on youtube! You can watch the master at work there and just fall in love with his work. I came across a post of his shortly after the wedding day where he listed all the products used on Kimmy for her big day!

So if you wanted to know what was used here is the list Mario Dedivanovic posted on social media detailing all the products he used from start to finish! Do you see a theme here?! Yes Urban Decay seems to be the BIG winner for the big day!I cant wait to recreate this look Mario did on Kim!


(Picture credit: Mario Dedivanovic social media post)

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Review: COVERGIRL TruBlend Liquid Foundation

Review: COVERGIRL TruBlend Liquid Foundation

Hello Beauty Babes!
I think its finally time I do a foundation review because it has been so so long over due! I recently picked up the COVERGIRL TruBlend Liquid Foundation in the color M4. I have been using this for about a month now and so far it has worked out pretty well. They have a wide rand of shades which is amazing!
It does slide off around my t-zone where it gets oily and the coverage is a little lighter than what im use to but overall it’s a pretty good foundation. I have oily, sensitive skin so usually everything breaks me out so I was very happy that this did not break me out!

The color I picked up just by looking at the bottle seemed to be spot on however when I applied it the foundation looked light on my skin. After maybe an hour it warmed up on my face and oxidized to match perfectly. Im not sure if this happens to everyone, I haven’t read anyone else experiencing it but it did for me and ended up working in my favor.
The foundation has a nice light to medium coverage. Its definitely buildable. I usually do a light layer and it does cover the unevenness and redness I have. With one layer you will still see dark spots and if you have acne scars those will faintly appear all of which im ok with. Its hot over here so anything heavy will just clog pores and melt off! For those wanting a heavier coverage -Its buildable so if you don’t like it just keep adding layers till youre happy.
I really am not to keen on the packaging. Sure the text looks cute and im ok with the white pump but the shape of the bottle is whats annoying. The foundation just gets stuck in those “corners” and its troubling to get out. The foundation is thick but goes on light so when its in those crevices good luck!

Overall- I am almost finished with this foundation and I had a nice time with it while it lasted. Im not in a hurry to run out and replace this one anytime soon. The foundation was just ok to me I am still hunting for that holy grail foundation. Until Next time!

-Lots of shades to choose from
-Buildable coverage
-Didn’t break me out
-Looked nice in photos

-Slides off in t zone areas
-Warms up causing the color to “darken”
-The bottle- shape, its glass so its heavy and a tad bulky, hard to get the product out when the pump cant reach. I have mine upside down but then it just gets stuck into those “corners”
-Pump easy to break so be cafeful
-Needs a few layers to cover acne scars and dark spots

This is honestly a great foundation looks great in photos but im on the hunt for something better.  This may do better on someone with normal skin and virtually no blemishes.

MAC Shade Comparison – NC35

MCOVERGIRL TruBlend Liquid Foundation

MAC Shade Comparison NC35

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Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel 320 Trade Winds

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel 320 Trade Winds


I picked this up the other day while just browsing the drug store looking for something new to try.I saw this on the polish display and it looked like the perfect nude! I usually dont stray from my beloved Essie but I thought “what the heck this should be fine…”

I immediately went straight home to prep my nails for this fabulous polish.

Ill spare you the extra details …once I applied the first coat the first thing that came to mind was the fantastic shape of the brush. It has a slanted thicker brush then what im use to which actually made applying the polish less messy! I had to do 2 coats because the polish was so sheer that you could barely see any color.

The drying time was pretty average for 2 coats of polish so I was ok with that. The polish is a lighter version of Essie Sand Tropez which is my absolute favorite nude polish! But what happened the next day left me quite disappointed….

The next day I wake up and jump in the shower…I love taking hot showers espcially when its cold. After a few minutes in the shower the polish started melting off! Which hasnt happened to me since I stopped using cheap polishes (5th grade). I guess thats why I dont leave Essie, I can have my hands in boiling hot water and my polish will not budge (well …at least that same day) I was highly disappointed. What didnt melt off chipped off and by the end of the day my manicure looked like hell. It was quite embarrassing. It looked sloppy and unkept even though I had just done them the night before!

The verdict:

The color wasnt uhhmazing as I had hoped for (was looking for something closer to Sand Tropez) and the lasting power for a polish claiming to be “longwear” was highly disappointing. Unfortunelty I have to say…this is going back to the store.

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